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JAMIS Software Corporation – JAMIS e–timecard Time and…

JAMIS Software Corporation – Login to JAMIS e–timecard Time and Expense Login. To enter your hours of labor, you can use our web-based electronic card. If authorized, approve time or enter time to other users. a?If your company uses eXpense, enter or approve preauthorization requests and expense reports. www.jamisa?##

JAMIS Software Corporation – JAMIS e–timecard…

a?Setup application-wide defaults for JAMIS e timecard. Make module-specific settings to e-timecard/e-xpense. a?Manage JAMIS e–timecard and create interfaces with other applications. www.jamis.com JAMIS Software Corporation


Jacobs Australia etimecard is now open! This page allows you to access JAMIS e–timecard/e–xpense. Enter your labour hours, enter a preauthorization, or create an expense report. Authorized to approve time, or enter time for others. Authorized delegate approver status for others.


To sign in, please enter your current username and password at Alionscience. You do not need any additional qualifications to enter your username.

JAMIS Software

JAMIS Prime streamlines business processes and increases productivity – all in one solution. Integrate and centrally store financial values chain sales and marketing contract management contract information. Your employees can all view and share exact data in real-time, which allows for greater collaboration between them.

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Jamis BackEnd, Jamis’ data collection center, is Jamis BackEnd. You can return to the public site if you’re not an employee of MoAF/RADA. Click any of the navigation buttons at the top of this page. Jamis users can log in at the top right of the screen. The Jamis Administrator is Mr. Tayon Cruickshank. All non-technical questions and…

JAMIS Software Corporation – JAMIS e–timecard Time and…

e-Timecards and eT&E Reports will be unavailable between 6PM ET on Saturdays and 6AM ET Sundays due to regularly scheduled maintenance. (800)985-5406 . Hours available: Mon 8am-4pm Tue-Thu 9am-5pm Fri 9am-6pm ET. Voicemail is available for emergencies. To log in, please use your IBM Serial Number or IBM Intranet Password. Log in to your Company and you will receive the same value.

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