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February 18, 2015 * My stepdad, a 8w7, and my father in law are both a 7w8. Both are very entrepreneurial and quite unflappable (usually), but the 7w8 is more relaxed, smiling and independent. The 8w7 can be more rigid and controlling than the 8w7 and can be domineering and controlling.

Enneagram 8 Wing 7 (8w7) – The Maverick – Personality Hunt

Mar 27, 2021 * 8w7 Vs 7w8. It’s easy to get confused about which type or wing you belong to. It can be difficult to determine if you are an 8w7 or 7w8 enneagram type. This can be determined by looking at your motives. Do you prefer to feel pain or enjoy life’s pleasures?

7w8 or8w7? Typology Central

Nov 28, 2010 * 7w8 and 8w7? You are currently viewing this forum as a guest. This gives you limited access and allows you to view many discussions and other features. Join our community for free to view additional topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), view blogs, respond to polls, upload content, and many other features.

7w8 and 8w7 – Enneagram – reddit

Three weeks ago, I was trying to determine which type of enneagram I am between 7w8 or 8w7. Many tests I took always gave me 8w7, sometimes 7w8, so why not 7 and/or 8. 1. – As a child, I could not bear injustice. I was constantly fighting for my strength or being tyrannical to the other children to protect myself from them.

Are I 7w8 and 8w7? Enneagram

I need to know what the largest differences are between an 8w7 and a 7w8. Can you please help? I have read about fears and desires. I feel that I can relate to both. However, I scored higher on 7 tests than I did on the books. I think 7 fits better than 8. In fact, I feel that I can relate to the fears and desires of 2 more than 8.

ENFP 7w8 and 8w7? : mbti

ENFP 7w8 and 8w7 Theory Question. Although MBTI and enneagram may not be super similar, I still had questions about the two. According to my understanding, 7w8 is more common than 8w7 for ENFPs. It is possible to be an ENFP 8w7? It’s confusing because I have many of the same attributes as 7w8 and 8w7.

Enneagram Type7w8 – The Opportunist

Enneagram 7w8 Personality Taits. Seven people with an eight-wing fear being deprived. They are open to new opportunities and want to avoid being restricted by their schedules. They want to be happy and content. They enjoy traveling the world and attending parties. Opportunists justify themselves by justifying othersa’negative actions…

Enneagram Type8w7 – The Unconformist

Enneagram 8w7 Personality Taits Basic Fear Eighteen with a seven-wing fear of being controlled by others. They are averse to authority and prefer working alone. They have a basic desire. They want to be in control of their lives. They are also advocates for the less able.

The Enneagram Institute: Misidentification of 7 and 8

Login; FAQs It is easy to confuse Sevens and Eights. Both Sevens and Eights can look similar in some ways (PT 433-36). Both have powerful personalities and are capable of pursuing their goals in life. However, what they desire and how they achieve it is different.

7w8 (A Complete Guide) | OptimistMinds

Jun 14 2021 * 7w8 vs 8w7. The main difference between 7w8 and 8w7 is that the 7w8 might be more interested in new experiences and want to use them to escape from being held down, while the 8w7 may prefer to have control over their lives and love new experiences.

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